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About Us

About Us

P SOFTHOUSE Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 as a software development company. The "P" in "P SOFTHOUSE" stands for Passion, Powerful, Premium, Professional, …, words that are at the core of our corporate philosophy.

Since its establishment, P SOFTHOUSE has collaborated with major manufacturers to develop consumer games and software for entertainment institutions, as well as being involved in digital contents creation.

About the PSOFT brand

 PSOFT is the brand name given to the software products released by P SOFTHOUSE. It was created to release our varied creator-driven original software products.

P SOFTHOUSE shall continue applying its acquired know-how to its products to provide innovative solutions to creators and artists active in the field of digital contents.

Brand Concept

The PSOFT motto is "Plugged into your imagination".
We shall go on creating innovative products allowing creators and artists to freely express their full potential in a wide variety of ways. PSOFT aims to be the ideal partner to creators by helping them give shape to their ideas.


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