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Please use the inquiry form that matches your inquiry.

About problems with receiving emails from our company.

Some customers have reported that they did not receive emails from our company.
After investigation, it was determined that emails from our company were being blocked by the spam mail filters of their internet service providers.
If that is the case, please make sure that you can receive emails coming from "@psoft.co.jp" and then send your inquiry once more (please include your phone number along with your inquiry).

Product Inquiries

Our FAQs contain answers to questions we frequently receive. Please take a look at them before sending an inquiry.
Product FAQs
CharacterBox for MODO FAQ
antialiasing for After Effects FAQ
antialiasing for Photoshop FAQ

VOID Modular System FAQ
Liquid+ FAQ
Pencil+ FAQ
Store FAQ
Product inquiries before making a purchase.
  • For questions about products and how to purchase them.
  • Please make sure to mention the name of the product in your inquiry.
Products inquiry form.
Technical support after acquiring a product.
  • Please connect to the user page and select "Technical support / Bug report" for technical inquiries or inquiries about defects after acquiring a product.
  • To log-in to the user page, you will need your product's user ID (registered email address) as well as your log-in password.
User Page.

Development/Production/Technology Licensing/Public Relations

For all types of business inquiries (development / production / technology licensing / public relations / other)
Please use the inquiry form below to contact us regarding development or production requests, technology licensing consultation, press releases, etc.
Inquiry Form.


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