Modo Plug-ins

for Modo

Powerful Character Animation Plugin

  • Powerful modular rigging capabilities
  • Muscle simulation
  • Generation of weight maps using polygon meshes
  • Creation of libraries of rigs, Motions, etc.

Maya Plug-ins

for Maya

Advanced Nonphotorealistic Shader

3ds Max Plug-in

for 3ds Max

Advanced Nonphotorealistic Renderer

  • Watercolors/oil painting-like soft textures
  • Simulates liquid expansion and color mixing
for 3ds Max

Advanced Nonphotorealistic Shader

  • Pen/color pencils/cel-like appearance
  • High-speed, highly detailed line drawing
  • Graphical interface

Mobile Applications

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  • iPhone / iPad / Android /Kindle

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  • iPhone / iPad / Android /Kindle

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