Advanced toon style realized with Pencil+ 4 Material

Pencil+ 4

What is Pencil+ 4 Material?

"PSOFT Pencil+ 4 Material for Blender " is a toon shader add-on implementing cel shading and illustration tone styles in Blender.

The art style composed of simple surface elements, like in animation cels, is essential for anime and illustrations. With this add-on, you can reproduce that non-photorealistic style in 3D and use the diverse material functionality of "PSOFT Pencil+", polished in the Japanese anime industry, in the Blender EEVEE rendering environment. Add your own unique charm and personality to your artwork right now and take your expressive power to the next level.
(*Does not include line drawing.)

This product is well suited to the following use cases:
Animation production

Reproduce the appearance of cel shading, such as anime.

Illustration creation

Use hatching images to create your own illustration style.

Art projects

Use brush pattern images to create expressive works.

Easy to setup

From photorealistic to toon

You can set up photorealistic 3D objects to a toon style in just a few steps. Easily apply this to animation and illustration projects.

*If further adjustments are required, more detailed settings are available.

Intuitively configurable

Gradation preview and dedicated panel

Pencil+ 4 Material has its own gradation preview and dedicated panel, making it easy and intuitive to adjust the style. There is no need to understand the complex configuration of the node tree or the parameters of individual nodes.

Gradation preview:

You can easily adjust the gradation while checking the color boundaries.

Dedicated panel:

The controls are configured in an easy-to-understand layout so that you can quickly make the adjustments you need.

Functionality Overview

Toon rendering
Gradation offset map
Gradation position / color groups
Base color
Light color influence settings
Material render elements output
Material conversion
Transparency that follows the specifications of EEVEE
Material display in Viewport
Material Batch Conversion
Position Groups
Color Groups
Gradation Offset (Noise Map)
Gradation Offset (Vertex Map)
Light Color
Render Elements
*"Pencil+ 4 Material for Blender" alone cannot draw lines.
Beautiful lines

Combine with "PSOFT Pencil+ 4 Line for Blender" to create fast and beautiful contour lines

If you want to draw contour lines, you can combine this add-on with the "Pencil+ 4 Render App for Windows | Mac" and the free "Pencil+ 4 Line for Blender" add-on to generate sophisticated, high-quality line work. Artists can enjoy richer, more expressive toon rendering.
*"Pencil+ 4 Material for Blender" is included with "Pencil+ 4 Render App for Windows | Mac".

Sharing Pencil+ settings

Compatible with the "Pencil+ 4 Bridge" utility

The free "Pencil+ 4 Bridge for 3ds Max / Maya / Unity / Blender" is an extension utility for Pencil+ 4 used to transfer Pencil+ 4 Line and Pencil+ 4 Material settings between Blender and 3ds Max, Maya, and Unity. The data is managed as a file separate from the scene file, so it can easily be applied to other scenes. This promotes collaboration between artists using different software, and improves the flexibility and efficiency of projects.

With Unity, only Pencil+ 4 Line settings can be transferred.
Mutual import of settings may be limited due to differences in Pencil+ functionality between each platform.
Rendering results may vary depending on the renderer's algorithm.
Parameters that are not compatible between various Pencil+ 4 products cannot be included.
Output and input of Pencil+ 4 Material settings are supported with Pencil+ 4 Bridge for Blender version 4.0.1 and later.


Using Pencil+ 4 Material

Operating Environment and Price

Operating Environment

OS: Same as Blender operating environment
Host application: Blender 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.2 / 3.3 / 3.4 / 3.5 / 3.6 / 4.0 / 4.1
(*Alpha and Beta versions are not supported)
Hardware: Same as Blender operating environment
Operates with the EEVEE render engine
[Render Elements Output] is supported from Blender 3.4 and up


*"Pencil+ 4 Render App for Windows | Mac" includes official support for "Pencil+ 4 Material for Blender" which can be downloaded from the PSOFT User Page's Download section.


"Pencil+ 4 Material for Blender" is provided under the GPL license. There is no limit to the number of installations and no registration procedure. However, in order to maintain user support and continuous product development, if multiple users use the product, we ask that you make an equivalent number of purchases.


Download the add-on from the User Page. Refer to the manual below for installation instructions.

Demo Version

There is no demo version.