Privacy Policy

The following statements describe P SOFTHOUSE Co., Ltd. ("PSOFT")'s Privacy Policy.

  1. Compliance with the Law
    PSOFT protects your personal information in accordance to the laws regarding the protection of personal information as well as by adhering to in-house guidelines.
  2. Purpose of Use
    PSOFT collects and uses your personal information for the following purposes. If PSOFT gathers personal information for purposes other than those mentioned here, PSOFT shall disclose once again the purpose of use at the time when the personal information is gathered.
    1. Service improvement, development of new services and products.
    2. Public announcements, maintenance, diffusion of important notices, etc.
    3. Tasks related to the offering and shipping of products and services when these products and services are used or purchased.
    4. Marketing surveys for our products and services.
    5. Statistical analysis.
  3. Reasonable Data Collection
    PSOFT does not use subterfuge nor other illegal means to collect your personal information.
  4. Use of Data
    PSOFT uses the following personal information within the limits stated in "2. Purpose of Use":
    Name, address, phone number, organization, email address, PSOFT ID, password, usage history, etc.
  5. Protection of Data Accuracy
    PSOFT keeps your personal information accurate and up-to-date within the scope required to achieve our purpose of use.
  6. Safe Management
    PSOFT takes appropriate measures to avoid disclosure, loss, damage, etc. of the personal information we gather.
  7. Education and Supervision of Employees
    PSOFT trains and supervises employees who handle personal information so that they follow safe information management practices.
  8. Supervision of Transaction Partners
    If part or the entirety of the personal information handling is entrusted to another entity, PSOFT shall ensure the required supervision of the handling entity so that it follows safe information management practices in its handling of the entrusted personal information.
  9. Disclosure to Third-Parties
    PSOFT shall not disclose personal information to third-parties, except in the following cases.
    1. We obtained your prior consent.
    2. To comply with laws and regulations.
    3. It is necessary for the protection of someone's life, health or property and it is difficult to obtain your consent.
    4. There is a special necessity to improve public health or to promote the sound development of children and it is difficult to obtain your consent.
    5. We are required to cooperate in the execution of laws and regulations by a national agency or a local public body or an entity commissioned by such an agency or body, and there is a risk that obtaining your consent would hinder the execution of said laws and regulations by the executing entity.
  10. Data Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use
    Following a request by you, PSOFT shall promptly disclose, correct (correction, addition, deletion) or suspend the use (suspend the use or delete) the personal information it maintains regarding you following the prescribed procedures based on the appropriate laws and regulations. Note that you can inspect and correct your personal information by yourself by accessing the PSOFT User Page.
  11. Handling of Complaints
    PSOFT shall promptly take the appropriate measures to respond to complaints regarding our handling of personal information.
  12. Contact Information for Inquiries Related to the Handling of Personal Information
    P SOFTHOUSE Corporation Limited (CEO Hatakeyama Keiki)
    For email inquiries:
    Postal address for mail inquiries:
    1-12-1, Miyagino, Miyagino-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan 983-0045

*Handling fees of 1000 Japanese Yen shall be applicable for personal information disclosure requests.
*Depending on the matter, we might refuse to answer your request if we are unable to confirm your identity.
Please understand that we are unable to handle requests made in person.

(The official version of the PSOFT Privacy Policy is the Japanese version. Translations in other languages are provided for reference only.)

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