"VOID Modular System" Release Decided

Software synthesizer adopted analog modular system "VOID Modular System" is decision on sale. " VOID" realized the various functions by the individual routing and wiring the abundant modules freely.Abundant modules, Practical and experimental sound creation, free idea sound source system realize creator's nice imagination. "VOID Modular System" will be release in this summer.

VOID Modular System details
Sale agencyP SOFTHOSE Co., Ltd.
OSWindows(available for VST host application)

VST2.0(VST fx.VST Instrument)

Release dateEnd of June 2003
Module list

Oscillator,ADSR Envelope Generator,LFO.
Multimode Filter (LP/HP/BP/Notch),Dynamic Filter,
Formant Filter,Distortion/Overdrive,Stereo Compressor,Reverb,Chorus/Franger,
Pitch Shifter,Dynamic Pitch Shifter,Vocoder,Delay,LoFi
16step Analog Sequencer
4in 1out Mixer
Scope (Liner,FFT,Phase)

*Containing modules might be different from the product.