Windows Vista Support

Our audio products, VOID Modular System and updated CHRONOStream2, support the 32 bit version of Windows Vista. For current CHRONOStream 2 users, the upadated version 2.3 is provided on the user page. We plans to provide 3ds Max plug-ins, Pencil+ 2 and Liquid+, with compatibility for Windows Vista shortly after Autodesk 3ds Max officially support Windows Vista.

Current Status List for Compatibility with Windows Vista

Category Product Name Status(*)
SynthesizerVOID Modular System Ver.1.6
Time Stretch ModifierCHRONOStream 2 Ver.2.3
3ds Max Tools
Pencil+ 2 Ver.2.01
Liquid+ Ver.1.32

*Status: =Compatible, =Not compatible


- Both VOID Modular System and CHRONOStream2 support the 32 bit version of Windows Vista.
- The current VOID Modular System version 1.6 work fine on the 32 bit Windows Vista.

CHRONOStream2 Has Been Updated

An updated program Ver.2.3 of CHRONOStream 2 to support 32 bit Windows Vista has been introduced. Current registered product users of CHRONOStream2 are allowed to update their current versions to the latest on the PSOFT user site. Visit the product download page on the user page.

*It is recommended to remove old versions before its latest program is installed.

3ds Max Plug-ins' Vista Support Plan

PSOFT 3ds Max plug-ins will not be able to support Windows Vista until 3ds Max is officially compatible for it. When our plug-ins are ready to compatible with it, the announcement will be given on the PSOFT website. We appreciate that you have patience with this matter.