Introducing CharacterBox Tutorial Videos (by Matt Meersbergen)

"PSOFT CharacterBox" tutorial videos created by Australian artist Matt Meersbergen are available. You can watch videos covering multiple topics such as how to perform character setup or how to use GarageFarm.NET's cloud rendering service. Please take a look!


CharacterBox Tutorials

  1. Biped Rigging Introduction
  2. Biped Rigging Introduction
  3. Character Mesh Prep
  4. Hips, Leg and Feet IK/FK setup
  5. Spine, Arms and Fingers setup
  6. Episode 6 Face Rig
  7. Episode 7 Binding Mesh
  8. Eye Controls
  9. Actors, Actions, Poses explained
  10. Snake - Basic Rig setup
  11. Speed Test

Modo and Character Box and Cloud rendering