Release of "CharacterBox" 1.2.0 With Many New Features and Support for Modo 13

We released CharacterBox 1.2.0, our Modo plugin for creating character animation, which is compatible with Modo 13.

This update includes multiple improvements such as new functionality to easily customize rigs and functional enhancements to augment productivity. Registered users of CharacterBox can download this update for free.

New Functionality

Support for Scaling Rigs

CBOX 1.0.0 only supported translations and rotations when matching joint positions to models, but scaling can now also be used with version 1.2.0. Since it is possible to create CBOX preset rigs and scale RootItems and skeletons, it is now easy to set rigs to models with different sizes.

Soft IK Strength

We added [Soft IK Strength] to 2DIK. Soft IK is useful for animations. It mitigates the problem of extreme movement of joints when the joints start moving from a straight extended state.

Muscle Support for Locators

[Muscles] now support locator type items. It is now easy to swing IK goals using jiggles. This is useful for creating secondary animations such as the swaying of hair.

Mirror Weight Tool

We added the Mirror Weight Tool. This tool works with Modo's standard weight maps so it can also be used to edit weights outside of CBOX.

Improved Implementation of Rig Edit Mode

We remade Rig Edit Mode to work with the Tool Pipe. It is now more natively integrated to Modo's tool functionality.

Symmetric Editing Tool

We added the Symmetric Editing Tool. It allows bilateral symmetric editing of rigs and controllers using transform tools. The symmetric editing tool can also be used with animations and supports adding keyframes to symmetric items with Modo 12.0 and up.

*Rigs created with version 1.0.0 might not work with symmetric editing since they don't have symmetry tags. In such cases, you can use [Add Symmetry Tag] to be able to use the Symmetric Editing Tool.

Symmetry Items Selection

Select rigs created symmetrically and items to which a symmetry tag was added.

Add Symmetry Tags

You can add "Symmetry Tags" to allow CBOX to recognize symmetrical items. These Symmetry Tags can be used by the Symmetric Editing Tool and for copy-pasting, improving convenience for customized rigs. Symmetry Tags can also be added to locators parented to a hierarchy under a RootItem.

Copy / Paste Skeleton Size

Copy-pasting skeleton sizes is now supported. It is possible to copy the skeleton sizes of multiple items between rigs of the same type.

Relocate SPIK Controllers

We added new functionality to align SPIK Controllers. It is helpful when converting from IK to SPIK or when rearranging a rig's SPIK controllers.

Sync To Goal Rotation

We added [Sync To Goal Rotation] to 2DIK. In 1.0.0, hand and leg skeletons were always rotated according to IK goal rotations, but it is now possible to select whether hand and leg skeletons are synchronized to IK goal rotations.

Convert FK to 2DIK

Moves the location of 2DIK goals to maintain the FK posture as much as possible. This makes it easy to align goals when you wish to change from FK to 2DIK in the middle of an animation.

Remove Unused Nodes

Modifiers, groups, materials might remain in the scene when Modo's standard Delete key is used to delete rigs. [Remove Unused Nodes] can be used to clean up such unnecessary data remaining in the scene.

Support for Action Layers

The new action layers introduced in Modo 13 are supported. Animations can be copied to action layers and animations using action layers can be baked.

Updated Standalone License Tool

It is now possible to acquire and return CBOX licenses directly to and from the PSOFT web server with PCs that can access the internet. This makes it simple to move a license to a different PC.

Network Rendering Plugin

We released a special plugin for network rendering. With version 1.0.0, it was necessary to bake motions for network rendering. With version 1.2.0, baking motions is not required anymore if the network rendering plugin is installed on the render farm nodes. Please download the network rendering plugin from the PSOFT User Page.

  • Network rendering is possible when Modo was started in slave mode or headless mode.
  • This plugin does not require setting up a license. It can be installed and used on an unlimited number of PCs.
  • It is not possible to edit rigs and animations with this plugin.

Please refer to the Release Notes for information about other fixes.

Supported Versions of Modo

Modo 10.2v2 / 11.x / 12.x / 13.x

Update Procedure

Registered users of CharacterBox can download the latest version by accessing the "Download" section of the PSOFT User Page.

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