Pencil+ 4 for 3ds Max Release Notes

Pencil+ 4.1.1

Changes since 4.1.0

[New features]

  • Supports importing and exporting [Pencil+ 4 Material] and [Pencil+ 4 Line] settings to file with [PSOFT Pencil+ 4 Bridge].
  • Adds functionality to set and retrieve curve control values using MAXScript.


  • Applies the Diffuse Color Map with Nitrous shader when a Standard material is set as the [Basic Material] of a [Pencil+ 4 Material].
  • Fixes an issue where the parameters would not be saved correctly and the program would crash when using the Objects and Materials lists under [Pencil+ 4 Material / Advanced Settings] and [Pencil+ 4 Material / Line Related Functions].
  • Fixes the polygon control for [Highlight Design] under [Pencil+ 4 Material / Advanced Settings] so that it can be edited using MAXScript.
  • Line drawing now handles all primitives as 2-sided when [Force 2-sided] is enabled in Render Setup.
  • Corrects an error in the name of the class used to generate [Pencil+ 4 Line / Reduction Settings] using MAXScript.
  • Fixes a crash problem when outputting EPS and AI files with [Pencil+ 4 File Output].
  • Fixes a crash problem when displaying the Material selection dialog.
  • Minor adjustments to the appearance of the user interface.

December 13, 2018 P SOFTHOUSE Co., Ltd.

Pencil+ 4.1.0

Changes since 4.0.0

[New features]

  • Added the "Pencil+ 4 Line Renderer" which processes only the drawing of Pencil+ 4 Lines.
  • Added the new PLD file format to "Pencil+ 4 File Output".
  • Added compatibility with 3ds Max 2019.


  • Fixed a problem with Velocity render elements output when using Pencil+ 4 Materials.
  • Fixed a problem with Pencil+ 4 Material's Nitrous shader setup related to the OS environment.
  • Fixed a problem where Strokes were not set properly when copying Pencil+ 4 Materials.
  • If a Pencil+ 4 Material is located in front of a second Pencil+ 4 Material, and both materials specify the same third material in [Pencil+ 4 Material / Advanced Settings / Material Transparency], the third material will now penetrate through both Pencil+ 4 Materials.
  • Fixed crashes when using [Pencil+ 4 Material / Advanced Settings / Material Transparency] and there is an object without an assigned material in the scene.
  • Fixed a problem where the drawing position of Lines was wrong for Pencil+ 4 Reflection/Refraction maps.
  • Improved the detection accuracy, processing speed and drawing quality of Pencil+ 4 Lines.
  • Fixed a problem with the drawing of Pencil+ 4 Line outlines for orthogonal projections.
  • Line Set names are now displayed under the Line Set entry for Pencil+ 4 Lines in the Track View.
  • Adjusted the evaluation method of maps in Pencil+ 4 Lines.
  • Fixed a problem where [Pencil+ 4 Line / Reduction] settings were not saved with [Pencil+ 4 Line Set / Save].
  • The line size is now applied to the stroke preview in [Pencil+ 4 Line / Brush Details].
  • Adjusted the range of the parameters under [Pencil+ 4 Line / Brush Details].
  • When no reference object is specified under [Pencil+ 4 Line / Reduction Settings], the settings now act as reduction for the distance to the camera.
  • Fixed files being output with errors when using [Pencil+ 4 File output] with some specific OS language settings.
  • Fixed the render elements output path being reset when acquiring / returning licenses.
  • Fixed the UI failing to refresh and crashes when acquiring / returning licenses.
  • Adjustments to the UI.

May 28, 2018 P SOFTHOUSE Co., Ltd.

Pencil+ 4.0.0

Initial Release

April 27, 2017 P SOFTHOUSE Co., Ltd