CharacterBox Authorization

Product Authorization

After purchasing the product, it is necessary to register and authorize it online. The product will be unusable until it is authorized.

* The demo version cannot be authorized.

Before Authorizing Your Product

Since the demo version cannot be authorized, please uninstall the demo version if it is installed and install the full product version.


Follow the steps below to complete authorization.

1. Enter your product serial ID

STEP 1 Open the PSOFT CharacterBox License dialog.

From Modo's menu bar, click [CBOX] > [License] to open the [PSOFT CharacterBox License] dialog.

STEP 2 Enter your product serial ID.

Enter your [Product Serial ID] in the [Authorization] dialog that just appeared and confirm the input with the Enter key.

2.Select your LAN adapter (network interface controller)

STEP 1 Select your LAN adapter (network interface controller).

If you have multiple LAN adapters installed, select an adapter that will not be removed when using the plugin. The LAN adapter that is initially selected can usually be used without problem.

*Caution: If the selected LAN adapter is removed or damaged, you will need to perform the authorization procedure once more.

3. Get your machine code

STEP 1 Get your machine code.

The [Machine Code] is displayed in the [Authorization] dialog. Your [License Key] will be issued by entering this [Machine Code] in the PSOFT User Page

*Caution: The [Machine Code] won't be displayed if you don't enter a valid [Product Serial ID].

4. Obtain your license key

STEP 1 Log-in to the PSOFT User Page.

Access the website at the URL below and log-in to the User Page.

STEP 2 Got to the page [Issue License key].

Click [Authorize] on the User Page to move to the authorization page.

You will find a list of the names of all your registered products and their serial IDs.

*Caution: If your product serial ID is not registered yet, please register it first.

Click the [Authorize] button of the entry matching your product.

STEP 3 Enter your machine code.

Enter the [Machine Code] shown in Get your machine code and click the [Issue License key] button.

STEP 4 Get your license key.

If Step 3 above succeeded, your license key will be displayed.

*The key is also sent to your registered email address.

5.Enter the license key

STEP 1 Enter the license key.

Return to the dialog [PSOFT CharacterBox License] in Modo, enter the license key from Obtain your license key and confirm it by pressing the Enter key. Push the [Authorize] button.

STEP 2 Authorization complete.

A message dialog should confirm that the authorization is complete.