CHRONOStream2 Authorization

About Product Authorization

After obtaining the software, it is necessary to register it online and then perform the authorization procedure. The following restrictions apply to non-registered software.
*The demo version has different restrictions.

Limited number of executions.

The software can be executed up to 5 times with full functionality.

Restrictions after exceeding the maximum number of executions.

  • The rendering function is disabled.
  • Noise is added.

Installation and Product Authorization

Follow the steps below to complete authorization.

  1. Uninstall the demo version (only required if the demo version was previously installed).
  2. Download your purchase.
  3. Install the product.
  4. Get your machine code.
  5. Obtain and enter your license key.

*Please refer to the email from our company with the subject "[PSOFT-ORDER] Thank you for your purchase", sent to you when you purchased your product, for your log-in ID and password
(required to enter the User Page).

*Version notations in these images may differ from the ones you see on your product.

1.Uninstall the demo version.

  1. If you have installed the demo version, please uninstall it before proceeding with the authorization process.

2.Download your purchase.

Log-in to the PSOFT user page with your log-in ID and password to download your purchase.
PSOFT User Page:
[User Page Log-in] → [User/Top] → [Download]

The download page

3.Install the product.

  1. Run the setup file to decompress it.
  2. Execute the setup file and proceed with the installation according to the directions of the setup program.

*If a different version of the product is already installed, please uninstall it before proceeding with the installation of the new version.
*In some cases, the installation or uninstallation of the product may fail if a memory-resident antivirus software is active. In such cases, please temporarily disable the antivirus software (or other memory-resident software) while installing or uninstalling the product.

4.Get your machine code.

  1. Run CHRONOStream2.
  2. Open the [About product authorization (product registration)] dialog box.
  3. Press the [Register now] button on the lower right.
  4. A new window opens indicating product information.
    [Displayed information] User Name [Your user name]
    Machine Code [Your machine code]
    Product Serial ID [Blank]
    License Key [Blank] (Type your license key here).
  5. The machine code displayed is necessary to authorize your product.

5.Obtain and enter your license key.

  1. Log-in to the PSOFT user page and select [Authorize] from the index.
    User Page:
  2. Click the [Authorize] button of the matching product.
  3. Enter your machine code in the [Machine code] field. (You can simply copy and paste it).
  4. Click the [Issue License key] button to obtain your license key. (The key is sent to your registered email address as well).
  5. Enter the product serial ID and license key in the appropriate fields of the product information dialog box.
  6. Click the [Authorize] button.