Can I render on multiple computers (Network Rendering)?

Yes, you can. By installing the plug-in on the After Effects Render Engine, you can perform network rendering.

For users of version 1.0.2 and lower
You need to copy the render engine plug-in provided with the product (file "antialiasing_re.aex") to the "plug-in" folder of the render engine to enable network rendering.

*"antialiasing_re.aex" is a plug-in made specifically for the render engine. It cannot be used with the normal version of After Effects except when using the watch-folder feature.


For users of version 1.0.3 and higher
You can perform network rendering by simply installing the plug-in on the render engine with the normal installer.

*Starting with version 1.0.3, the plug-in for the render engine has been integrated into the normal plug-in. When the plug-in host is the After Effects render engine, the plug-in is automatically activated in render engine mode.

  • Please refer to the After Effects manual for details regarding network rendering (and the watch-folder feature).