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DX Plug-in

DX Plug-in (DirectX Audio Effect Plug-in)

CHRONOStream2DX, included with CHRONOStream2, is a DirectX plug-in software which can be loaded by DirectX plug-in compatible host applications (i.e. audio editing software). It performs the same time/pitch scaling functions as CHRONOStream2 on host applications.

It uses the PHYSIX2 sound technology so that it outperforms other time/pitch scaling software by not depending on sound sources.

It is compatible with automation on host applications. Also, time stretch and pitch shift values can be animated.

*Requires a DirectX plug-in compatible host application.
*CHRONOStream2DX changes output/input sample lengths, which some host applications cannot handle, even though they are DirectX plug-in compatible. Incompatible host applications are listed here

Main Specifications

  • Time stretch rates: 25% to 400%
  • Pitch shift: -24 to +24 semitones
  • Formant Control
  • Mix / Solo / Rhythm algorithms
  • XY controller
  • Time stretch support functions (Tempo / Time / Frame value assigning)
  • Automation compatible (Time stretch / Pitch shift / Formant control)

CHRONOStream2DX Operation Screen
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System Requirements

System requirements are listed here.

Product Purchase

CHRONOStream2DX is bundled with CHRONOStream2.

*CHRONOStream2DX can be used once CHRONOStream2 is installed.
*We strongly recommend testing the free demo version of the plug-in with your preferred host application before buying it.

Demo Version

The demo version of CHRONOStream2DX is installed along with the demo version of CHRONOStream2. Please use it to verify its compatibility with your working environment and to confirm that it meets your expectations.