This product is not for sale anymore.



  • OS: Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit) / XP / 2000
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 600MHz or better
  • Memory: Over 256MB
  • HDD: Over 100MB disk space
  • Audio device: MME compatible
    Windows Media Player 9 or newer is required.

Bundled DX Plug-in, CHRONOStream2DX

System requirements are identical to CHRONOStream2. DirectX and a host application are also required.

  • DirectX 8.0 or newer.
  • DirectX plug-in compatible host application.
    *CHRONOStream2DX changes output/input sample lengths, which some host applications cannot handle, even though they are DirectX plug-in compatible.
    Some compatible and incompatible host applications are listed below.

Host Applications for CHRONOStream2DX

*Some problems can appear or disappear depending on the environmental settings of the host application or audio device.
*We strongly recommend that you test the plug-in with your host application using the trial version of the software, even for supported hosts, in order to confirm that it matches your expectations, before buying the software.

  • Adobe / Audition Does not work well when multitracks are edited.
  • Cakewalk / SONAR Does not stretch data properly when used as a Real Time Effect.
  • DigiOn / DigiOnSound Incompatible.
  • GoldWave / GoldWave No problem found.
  • Image Line / FL STUDIO Sound is interrupted.
  • MAGIX / Samplitude Does not work well when used as a Real Time Effect.
  • SONY / ACID No problem found.
  • SONY / Sound ForgeNo problem found.
  • SONY / Vegas No problem found.
  • Steinberg / Cubase Sound is interrupted.
  • Steinberg / WaveLab No problem found.