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Highest Quality Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting

CHRONOStream2 includes advanced time stretch and pitch shift abilities to deliver uncompromisingly high quality sound.

The software outperforms other traditional time and pitch scaling software in processing speed and sound quality, making it a valuable tool for professionals. CHRONOStream2 does not cause the loss of primary elements such as voice timing and groove sounds of instrumental performances. Also, the technology keeps stereo phases stable, even after the original data is edited.

The technology has the flexibility required to handle any audio source such as music, solo instrumental performances, songs, narrations and conversations.

CHRONOStream2 is based on "PHISYX": the world class time and pitch scaling technology. PHISYX, originally developed by P SOFTHOUSE, is a new technology introduced to solve the sound deterioration problems caused by traditional time and pitch scaling software.

User-Friendly Interface

All the functions are available directly from the main application window so that every setting is quickly and easily adjusted.

Controllers, such as XY pad, drag-and-drop and others, are not only shown clearly, but also handled easily.

New functions, such as Playback Range Specification and Rendering (Selected Range), have been introduced.

Operation Screen
Operation Screen (Click for full size)

Time Stretching Tools

X-Y Control

The X-Y Controller handles synchronized editing of time and pitch in real time.

Stretch by Tempo

The original tempo is easily modified by specifying the desired tempo value. This feature is used for sound materials which have their own specific tempos.

Stretch by Time

Perfect adjustment of playtime is easily achieved by simply specifying the desired playtime of the target audio file. This feature allows you to fit audio samples to the desired length.

Stretch by Frame

Playtimes can also be defined in frame units; a unit commonly used in the field of visual editing. Therefore, this function uses frame units instead of time units.

Typical frame unit values are 15fps, 24fps, 25fps, 29.97fps, 30fps, 59.94fps and 60fps.

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XY Control Panel

Supports Multiple Formats

CHRONOStream supports the mp3, wma and wav formats.

Audio files are streamed, so that long data can be handled properly.

The software processes files in real time and outputs the processed data as WAV files.

* Windows Media Player 9 or newer is required.
* Licensed wma files are not supported.

Makes any Sound Clearer

The new RHYTHM algorithm has been introduced with Version 2. When the RHYTHM switch is activated, beat-based audio material (drum loops or rhythm instrument tracks) is processed without loss of liveliness.


Other algorithms (MIX and SOLO) were introduced in the initial version. The MIX algorithm is best suited for mixed music data while the SOLO algorithm is ideal for solo instrument performances or spoken material.

With these three algorithms, CHRONOStream2 can perform high grade handling of any kind of audio data.

Algorithm Data Type
MIX Mixed music sources
SOLO Solo instrument performances and human speech
RHYTHM Beat-based material such as drum loops

Controls Human Voice Characteristics

Pitch shifted human voices tend to be extremely shrill or deep, so that they do not sound natural. This happens because formants, which are characteristic elements of the human voice, are also shifted when sounds are pitch-shifted.

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Formant Control

Formants are peaks in the frequency spectrum. These peaks vary depending on the vowels spoken and the gender of the speaker. When formants are shifted, the original sound is modified, so that it becomes another person's voice, or even worse, stops sounding like a human voice.

The new formant control feature fixes this problem. Specifying formant control values makes pitch shifted human voices sound more natural. The shift settings may also be used to modify the voice characteristics of the samples.

Pitch or Formant
Normally pitch-shifted Download+6
Pitch-shifted (with formant correction) Download+6
Formant-shifted Download+6

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For Loop Sounds

CHRONOStream includes two specialized functions for loop sound designing.

"Groove Stretch"

Beat value modification and timing corrections allow you to create grooves, such as swings and shuffles, which are totally different from the original ones. Also, this feature keeps swinging sounds stable.

DownloadDownload a sample with groove stretch settings

"Groove Pitch"

Specification of beat values and pitch change adjustments allow the creation of a variety of sounds, such as scratches, bent pitches and special effects.

DownloadDownload a sample with groove pitch settings

These features allow you to transform audio data into totally new sounds.

DX Compatible Plug-in, CHRONOStream2DX

CHRONOStream2DX, included with CHRONOStream2, is a DirectX plug-in which can be loaded by audio editing host applications.

CHRONOStream2DX performs the same time/pitch scaling functions as CHRONOStream2 on host applications.

Learn more.

* Requires a DirectX compatible host application.

* CHRONOStream2DX changes output/input sample lengths, which some host applications cannot handle, even though they are DirectX plug-in compatible. Incompatible host applications are listed here.

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Sample host: Sony Sound Forge 8
*Sound Forge belongs to Sony Media Software.