Line Functionality Overview

Create a wide range of richly expressive lines such as mechanically uniform lines, lines jutting out of objects for a rough sketch look, or lines with ample width modulation like those found in Japanese manga. Handle any scene with detailed settings, such as drawing on objects' mutual intersections, on material boundaries, on hidden lines on the back of objects and more.

Visible Lines
Hidden Lines
Brush Details
Brush Settings Instances
Reduction Settings
Compositor Configuration
Display Lines in Viewport
Link / Append Line Settings
Selected Edges
Open Edges
Merge Groups
Size Reduction Settings Instances
Draw Lines on Object Intersections
Curve Rendering
Vector File Output (EPS format)
Vector File Output (PLD format)
Viewport Rendering With Line Drawing Support


Main Functionality

* There are differences in the implemented functionality between Pencil+ 4 products based on the host application. Please look at the following charts for details.

Draw visible lines
Draw hidden lines
Advanced line settings
Detailed brush settings
Size / alpha reduction based on distance
Line size map
Edge detection settings
Open edge
Smoothing boundary
Material boundary
Selected edge
Normal angle
Support for linking and appending line settings
Display lines in the Viewport
Vector File Output for Lines (EPS / PLD Formats)
Viewport Rendering With Line Drawing Support New