Creating Character Rigs

CBOX makes creating character rigs quick and easy.

  1. Click [Biped] in CBOX's Main Palette.
    If you don't want to use a human shape or one of the other presets to create your rig, click [Custom] instead. Rig items for the minimum configuration (RootItem and Hub item) will be generated.
  2. Select rig items and add rig functionality.
    In this example, we selected skeleton items of the left and right arm rigs and then clicked [Add 2DIK Goal].
    You can add spine rigs, arm rigs, leg rigs, tail rigs, digit rigs and SPIK controllers in the same way. If you add a rig by mistake, click [Remove Rigs] with the mistakenly added rig in the selected state.
  3. We finished creating our character rig.
    We were able to add 2DIK goals to both arms.
    Next, we will turn on [Rig Edit Mode] and edit the rig's joint positions with the Setup Mode.

    CBOX adds a group called "CharacterBoxGroup" when creating a rig.
    It adds the materials "RigItem" and "SegmentItem" to the shader tree. Edit these materials when you wish to change the color of a skeleton.
    Skeleton items are set to not render by default. If you wish to render skeletons, set [Render] to ON for the groups "RigItem" and "SegmentItem" in the group viewport.