Pencil+ 4 Material

We explain how to use Pencil+ 4 Material to create toon shading materials.

  1. Create an object to be shaded.
    In this example, we use a standard [Polygon Torus].
  2. Create a Pencil Material node.
    We click [Pencil Material] in the [Hypershade] to create a Pencil Material node.
  3. Assign the material to the object.
    We use the middle mouse button to drag and drop the Pencil Material node on the Torus object in the viewport. The Pencil+ 4 material is applied to the Torus object.
  4. Render.
    We click the button [Render the current frame] above the viewport. The Pencil+ 4 material is rendered.
    By default, a gray material is drawn. We can use the Gradation section of the Pencil Material node to setup any set of colors.