Pencil+ 4 Line

We explain how to draw lines on objects using Pencil+ 4 Line.

  1. Create an object for drawing lines.
    In this example, we use a standard [Polygon Torus].
  2. Open the [Pencil+ 4 Line] window.
    From the file menu, we select [Pencil+ 4] / [Open Line Window].
  3. Add a Pencil+ 4 Line node.
    We click the [Add] button.
  4. Add a Line Set node.
    With the Pencil Line node selected, we click the addition button under the Line Sets list in the Attribute Editor.
  5. Add the object to the Line Set.
    We click the addition button under the Objects list to open the window [Add objects].
    We select the Torus object in the list and click [Add].
  6. Render.
    We click the button [Render the current frame] above the viewport. The Pencil+ 4 Lines are rendered.
    We can control the color and thickness of the Lines in the Brush area of the Line Set section.