Drawing Lines Over Specific Edges

This tutorial explains how to draw Pencil+ 3 Lines over specific polygon edges.

  1. Prepare an object to which the [Pencil+ 3 Line] effect is applied.
    For this tutorial, we use the [Teapot] from the [Standard Primitives]. We configure red visible lines on the object and render it.

  2. Convert the teapot to an [Editable Poly].
    Select the teapot object, right-click to show the Quad Menu and click [Convert To:]/[Convert to Editable Poly].

  3. Select edges.
    Choose [Edge] from the [Selection] rollout and select the edges of the object over which you wish to draw Lines.

  4. Configure the [Creases].
    Set a value to [Crease] in the [Edit Edges] rollout.
    The creases will influence the shading. If you don't want the creases to stand out, set a small value such as [0.01].

  5. Apply [MeshSmooth] or [TurboSmooth].
    Select [MeshSmooth] or [TurboSmooth] from the [Modifier List].

  6. Render the scene.
    Lines are drawn over the edges to which creases were set. Creases are rendered as Pencil+ 3 Line's [Smoothing Group Boundary].

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